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Welcome to my blog!This is my blog about my science fair project, Pointe Shoe Physics. I am testing the amount of force per square centimeter on a ballet dancer's feet while dancing in pointe shoes. I am also studying how this changes in three different positions. Be sure to check out my report, background information, videos and other cool stuff! My final report and other files can be accessed through the "Documents" link on the right. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pointe-Related Injuries

         Though beautiful, pointe work is very painful. Many injuries result from the force being put on the feet and toes. These injuries can be minor, such as blisters, or major, such as a broken ankle. Other injuries caused by pointe shoes are bunions, ingrown toenails, tendonitis (commonly in the Achilles tendon) , os trigonum syndrome (associated with flexing the foot), osteoarthritis, and stress fractures. Although nonspecific to pointe shoes, knee and hip injuries may result from forcing turnout and repeated bending of the knees (known as plié).


  1. the only way to get most of those injuries is by pronating... which dancers arent supposed to do

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